Extrusion Technik USAExtrusion Technik USA, Inc. has more than 30 years experience designing and manufacturer of plastic extrusion machinery. Our company offers a wide range of hi-tech and sophisticated single screw extrusion lines suitable for a wide variety of required end product. Our specialty is manufacture of Plastic Pencil extrusion lines, and small profile extrusion lines. Manufacturing customized products for our clients is one of our main goals. Machinery is specifically designed for optimum output, practically free maintenance, and user friendly. ETUSA has earned a marvelous reputation for its advanced technology and reliable quality. We offer the best possible extrusion solution without any compromise to quality, service, or delivery among our customers, employees, and the company. Our machines are accepted worldwide as an alternative for expensive plastic processing machinery, and are economical in capital investment and power consumption.

Advanced Machines

To assure high quality and high precision products Extrusion Technik USA, Inc. is equipped with sophisticated high tech production machinery and equipment

High Grade Manufacture

With the improvement of technology, plastic extrusion lines have become everyday products. With lightweight, waterproof, durable and environmental features, there are endless applications.

Our Products


Extrusion Technik USA, Inc. is dedicated customize processing projects to suit out client’s individual needs. Our core competences are our technical expertise in extrusion machinery and maximum customer service. We provide complete overview after sale service in order for our clients to profit from our product.Extrusion Technik USA Inc. has maintained the strictest possible industry parameters, thereby simplifying the use of complex multiple extrusion lines.

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